Mother, Father and Newborn


"Birth will never be the same Again..."

Enlightened Birth Services was born out of the need for something different in the birth field; something which encompassed both the parts of medical technology that are proven to work, with the parts of natural treatments that are successful, the need for more aware birth and the ability to filter false information, fads and other things which don't really help the laboring woman or the new parents.

The simple way, the educated way, examining birth for what it is, and using the knowledge of the body's natural systems to your advantage. Not hiding, not detaching, being in the moment, being comfortable, experiencing everything, this is the idea of gentle birth, pregnancy and post-partum with the guidance of Enlightened Birth Services.


"A sane, happy, drug free and gentle birth is a great beginning to the long and joyous life of your child, and to a loving, healthy, relationship between child and family."

Inspired by the aims of ACHI- the Association for Childbirth at Home, International an incredible organization founded in the 1970's by Midwife, Tonya Brooks, as well as other greats, such as Dr. Frederick Leboyer, M.D., author of "Birth Without Violence" and others, I decided it was time for something different something with real solutions and help that was tangible,  and thus, have set upon a quest to evolutionize the birth field. 

Help from Conception to Post-Partum and everything in between...

Hoping that we can help you achieve a gentle, natural, birth experience, without gimmicks or tricks, simply natural birth with the guidance of a trained Advanced Doula & Midwife's Assistant/Student Midwife, the blessing of being in this field for many years and an extensive network of seasoned professionals that have guided me throughout and that I work alongside with, available to help us, so that we together, may prepare for your birth, and achieve the best outcome possible, no matter where you choose to deliver and with whom. Even if all you need is guidance, this is the service for you.


We at Enlightened Birth Services believe, all mothers deserve the best birth possible, the birth they've envisioned, the birth that will seal the bond of the family.
We believe mothers, babies and families deserve to feel happy about the kind of service they are receiving, gentle, natural, humane prenatal care, guidance, education and support.

We believe all Mothers, Babies & Families, have the right to experience births with great long term outcomes that are done safely, humanely and with love. Births which leave them empowered, with such amazing experiences, they feel the need to spread the word, about the beauty of natural birth.

We believe all families have the right to education on the prenatal, birth and postpartum process, quality classes & guidance that will further empower and strengthen the family.


CLAUDIA PEREZ SILVA - Student Midwife, Advanced Midwifes Assistant & Master Doula

Claudia Perez-Silva Claudia Perez is a creative & artistic soul, along with her passion for Birth and all its beauty, she's dedicated herself to the music, art and business world. She is also a Human Rights defender. She lives with her Beloved - Lafayette -& their little Min-Pin "Anubis" in the city of Hollywood. She has been helping to deliver babies since 1994 when she walked into her first birth as a volunteer and since then has always wanted "more". Helping in over 300 deliveries, she decided to become not only a Certified Master Doula, but is also a Certified Advanced Midwifery Assistant and is working towards her license as a Midwife

She acts not only as a Master Doula & Labor Coach, but also takes on the role of the Patient Advocate acting as a liaison between the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.

Claudia likes to keep patients well informed as she believes it's very important to provide a new family with data about labor, delivery & postpartum Patient Rights. Especially since so many new laws have changed, which have caused many personal choices and freedoms to be disregarded and human rights to be infringed upon. It is not only important, but necessary for patients to be aware of their rights. Not only the mother's rights as a labor & delivery patient, but the rights of the newborn and the mother's rights as a postpartum patient.

Providing people with true Informed Consent and a professional opinion is one of Claudia's missions. One of her specialties is making sure there are no gaps of information and that there is a strict adherence to the patient's wishes, in all aspects possible.

Since she is a Student Midwife as well as, an independently Certified Advanced Midwifes Assistant & Master Doula (Labor Coach) it gives her a step up on many of the things that are related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. Trained & Certified with the High technical standards of ACHI (The Association For Childbirth At Home, International, Est. 1972) Claudia can provide you with a very educated opinion on all matters related to the planning, education and activities of labor, delivery & postpartum.

Not only aiding in an expected “normal” delivery, but able to help in more complex birth situations, where a mother has been told she is “High Risk” or will be requiring medical interventions and even in a planned C-Section.

She is fluent in both English & Spanish and can help families in both languages, as necessary.

Claudia believes birth must be as gentle as possible, natural, with a great atmosphere, and supportive people around you. She understands birth is one of the most special moments in someones life and thus, as such, must be handled with care and respect.

She meets with parents ahead of time to put together a birth plan. Including recommending a back-up Master Doula, so that when the time comes, the soon to be parents are as prepared as possible and feel confident about their upcoming birth.

She knows education is the best way for a person presented by a variety of choices to gain control, thus, she fully recommends Childbirth classes and teaches these as well to soon to be parents.

Provides phone consults, extra home visits & postpartum help, Pre & Postnatal massage, breast feeding classes and consultations & help as well as other support services.

Claudia enjoys the accomplishment of a well-planned, gentle and beautiful birth. She knows the importance of this first meeting between mother and child, and the great importance of good long term outcomes for the whole family.

“To have a gentle and humane birth, takes education, care & planning, so please start your path as soon as possible, don’t wait until the last months of your pregnancy.”

Claudia honestly believes that with great support and correct education, "birth will truly, NEVER be the same."