Mother, Father and Newborn



My youngest daughter "D." presented me with my first grandson!

She did a smashing job but we owe everything to Claudia Perez, birth coach. Cedars Sinai, supposedly a "good" hospital, wanted to induce and give her drugs and prep her for a Cesarean and constantly threatened her every step of the way with certain death and so on and so on. But Claudia was there to coach her and negotiate with the hospital and run interference. So here was a mother-to-be who actually did everything very A to B who would most likely have had a traumatic experience if the hospital had had their way.

Anyway, Claudia is the best coach I've run into - period.

Mother and baby are doing fine!

G. B.


Claudia helped me through my birth; everything my mother says above is absolutely true. Claudia stuck by me even when the hospital brought their entire intern group inside my birth room and defended my rights as a patient to having privacy!  I have written another success story regarding my birth experience. But, in this one, I wanted to say that, not only did Claudia help me tremendously during the birth but she came over for the after birth period (Post-Partum).  She helped me out, massaged me and took care of me.  Every little thing counts! She showed me things about baby care and even helped my fiancé out a lot.  It was so comforting to know that I was right.  I needed help! And I didn't even know how much help until she got there. She even fixed me a delicious bath!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!




…Mi Claudia preciosa!!!!! Thank you for all your support, your wonderful energy fills the room with calmness. Thank you for the pics, the video, the LeBoyer bath!!!! Thank you for being there!!!! Love you!...



Mom and BabyWe had the blessing of having Claudia as the assisting Doula to our Midwife in our first baby's birth. It was a long labor. The baby was posterior the whole time and there was a premature rupture of membranes. The idea was to have a drug free natural birth, it was amazing to see how I was assisted and guided to avoid drugs.

With the combination of nipple stimulation and Claudia pressing on acupuncture pressure points on my legs, contractions started. After... hours of being admitted at the Birth Center, I had to be transferreDad and Babyd to the hospital. My uterus was tired and I was not dilating more than 6 cm....I was tired too... Having Tonya and Claudia there really made a huge difference. I felt absolutely taken care of. Claudia was very caring and supportive and always looking out for me and the baby... This support really helped me feel confident and strong during the birth. I felt in great hands...I felt safe. We were able to avoid the C-Section recommended by the Doctor at the hospital, which is one of the biggest successes in this birth.

Claudia did a LeBoyer bath for the baby...what an experience!!!! As soon as she, so lovingly, put the baby in the hot water....his little tired body completely relaxed on her arm. It was so obvious how it was soothing for him. He was able to rest after that.

Having a Doula like Claudia, really changes the experience.  It is soothing to know that someone like her is by your side the whole time.  It gives you confidence, it gives you peace!
My husband and I are so grateful for her.



Mom and BabyClaudia helped me during my delivery and post partum. She was so kind and supportive. In the delivery room she was reassuring and comforting. And she was very loving and gentle with our precious newborn baby. After we brought our son home my husband and I were worn out, but we thought we could handle the first couple nights on our own until our family was due to arrive. We ended up calling Claudia late that evening in our exhaustion asking for help. She was very accommodating to our needs. I would recommend Claudia to any other woman. It is nice to have that kind of support and care through this important event in your life.

Thank You!




In June on 2010, I found out I was pregnant. It took me by surprise, I was filled with joys and fears, and soon after I was overwhelmed with hundreds of thoughts and questions. So I headed to the computer and began doing research. It didn't take long to get bombarded with all the information out there.

Baby BoyI started calling various Ob's, Midwives, Birth Centers and Doula's. Being a first time Mama I had a lot to ask, and unfortunately , most of the places I called didn't have the time or patience to talk.  Finally I came across the Natural Birth and Womens Center. On the other line was a nice calm voice and her name was Claudia. She didn't seemed rushed, and just answered all my questions and most importantly calmed my concerns.

It was then that I made my decision that this is the place I wanted to do my birth. I felt that if they were willing to take the time with me over the phone then they would also be patient and provide good care as-well. So I became a patient of the birth center, and Claudia ran the front desk there. So I would see her every time I came in for prenatals. She was always there to help me and give me advice through every stage of my pregnancy.

On February 6th, 2011 I had my son at the Birth Center, and Claudia was my Advanced Doula. I can not even begin to stress how she helped me. It was so nice to just have someone there that you trust and have built a relationship with.

She helped me get a handle on the labor , by keeping me focused and assisting me with the pain by using pressure points, as well as helping me breath. I don't even know how to thank her or the Birth Center. Without God's mercy and their help, I don't think I would have been able to do a natural birth.

Thank you Claudia for everything you have done all the way and for even still being there postpartum. I was honored to have you at my birth and I'm happy to have gained a friend through the process.


Momy Farzaneh & Baby Azan