Mother, Father and Newborn


Help from Conception to Post-Partum and everything in between...

We can help you achieve a gentle, natural, birth experience, without gimmicks or tricks, simply natural birth with the guidance of a trained Professional, the blessing of experience, and an extensive network of seasoned professionals that have helped me and guided me for many years, available to help us, so that we together, may prepare for your birth and achieve the best outcome possible, no matter where you choose to deliver and with whom. Even if all you need is guidance, this is the service for you.

We network with professionals such as Lactation Consultants, Chiropractors, Nutritionist, Midwifes, OB's and Pediatricians, etc! If we feel a client will benefit from a good referral we will network to accommodate. We welcome new referrals to middle minded professionals that will help us to better do our job.

We provide every client with a customized package, if all you need is a private class or help at your delivery, we will help you.

We also have very extensive packages, providing a client and family with guidance from early pregnancy, help with screening of a provider, childbirth education, second opinion consultations, massage, nutritional guidance, planning, lactation, help through labor and delivery as well as post-partum.

Specialty Referrals & Help...

We are happy to provide you with referrals to qualified Ministers or private Counselors who specialize in aiding people in need.

As well, we can help you find great medical professionals who treat with nutrition and natural remedies.