Mother, Father and Newborn

From Conception to Postpartum

The Purpose of Enlightening you on Birth and the Natural way, is to help you better decide what you want to do during your prenatal, labor/delivery as well as your post-partum period. There is so much false information out there today that stops us from accurately evaluating a situation with proper education and comprehension that it is no wonder that parents feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of datums flying at them from all directions! I'm sure you have been told that birth is everything that a very dangerous emergency is, or perhaps that it's scary or traumatic and that the safest place for your birth is in a hospital, am I wrong? Would it surprise you to know this is not exactly or at all correct? How many ill, contagious, people pass through a hospital on a given day...? Ah - ha! See... now I've got your attention.

Natural, preventive or alternative care, is a whole different philosophy of care than traditional medicine and in my humble opinion works much closer to logicality, get out of the way of the body's natural process or ability when it comes to labor and delivery, prevent disease by strengthening the body's natural fortitude, treat the source of the issue when the body is ill, as apposed to treating "symptoms", take a serious consideration at more invasive treatments only when absolutely necessary. Based on this simple mindset, a whole new way of birth is born, and now you are amongst the ranks of people who desire something other than your in-hospital-birth or perhaps decide to still go through with a hospital birth, but want the guidance, planning and help of a professional who is there to speak on your behalf, and make sure that the birth you, your spouse and family envision is attained to the best of our abilities and given the circumstances of each individual.

Success Stories


My youngest daughter "D." presented me with my first grandson!

She did a smashing job but we owe everything to Claudia Perez, birth coach. Cedars Sinai, supposedly a "good" hospital, wanted to induce and give her drugs and prep her for a Cesarean and constantly threatened her every step of the way with certain death and so on and so on...

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